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Garage Doors & Gates Repair

Does your garage door roll back on you after you lift it up? This could be a sign that it needs to be balanced. You should be able to lift the door smoothly and swiftly, with no resistance, and leave it hanging open 3-4 feet above the ground.

If there is any resistance to lifting, or your door does not roll on its tracks smoothly, its a good time to have Garage Doors Riverside come by to inspect it. Experts recommend hiring a professional to repair your garage door, as its springs are under extreme pressure, and can cause serious injury if you dont know what youre doing. We can also install safety features, like a safety restraint cable, in case the extension springs weaken and break over time.

We provide 25 Point Inspection to inspect and maintain garage doors, gates, and openers. We offer a full line of remote controls, keyless entry and repair parts for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears, Marantec, Genie, Overhead Doors, Linear, Stanley and other model garage doors and openers.

Our goal is to provide professional quality service at a reasonable price to the Riverside Area.

We can Help you with any Garage Doors need from:
• Garage Doors Tracks
• Garage Doors Cables
• Springs (Torsion, Side Mounted Extension)
• Rollers
• Struts
• Drums
• Rollers
• All Types Of Garage Door Openers (Screw, Chain, Belt driven)

At Garage Doors Riverside we know how important is to have your garage door spring repair fast and for reasonable price so we hire certified and qualified technicians that can resolved any of your garage door spring repair dilemma with no time. We deals with all the leading majors brands that can be found in the market and have full line of top quality security products and garage door spring repair options like torsion and extension springs.

UAC Garage Doors Riverside is the best garage door spring repair company in Riverside, CA and guaranteed the best garage door services you ever had, so what are you waiting for?

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  • Door off Track
  • New Door installation
  • Motor not Working
  • Cable Snapped
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